Industrial Maintenance
& Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Avoid unplanned downtime and lost profits with corrosion inhibitors. T.H.I REVETEMENT operates in the field of maintenance and the fight against corrosion.


Specialized in industrial maintenance & Anti-corrosion coatings

Since 1994, T.H.I REVETEMENT has been operating in the field of industrial maintenance and anti-corrosion coatings .

T.H.I REVETEMENT Company was founded by the mechanical engineer TAREK HASSAN IDOUDI in 1994, currently businessman, and investor in industrial maintenance, member of the municipal council and head of the chamber of entrepreneurs in Gabes.

T.H.I REVÊTEMENT approved by the Ministry of Equipment for specialities:

B0 Building: Category 2
B5 PAINT: Category 2; unlimited
B6 ISOLATION: Category 2; unlimited

Tarek Hassan Idoudi

T.H.I. REVÊTEMENT has carried out several painting and coating services on various industrial facilities for petroleum, chemical or energy companies such as the petroleum refinery (tanks, piping), hydrocarbon storage warehouses (tanks, pipes), chemical production plants (tanks + frame), central electricity, high voltage electric power transmission line pylons, electric power transformers.

T.HI REVÊTEMENT is well equipped with all the necessary and special material means for the application of any type of coating.

T.H.I REVÊTEMENT has carried out several projects
in different industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, electrical and other various sectors.

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