Anti-acid Coatings

Industrial facilities (steel or concrete) that produce acids or bases are subject to very aggressive corrosion stresses that damage production equipment, storage tanks, metal or concrete structures and various buildings.

These installations necessarily require protection by anti-acid coating.

T.H.I REVETEMENT is a leader in the protection by anti-acid coating of metal or concrete surfaces in direct contact with different types of acids and bases (storage tank, retention tank, towers, reactors, boilers, gutters, pipes, chimneys, …) using special anti-acid high chemical resistance materials such as butyl rubber, ebonite, anti-acid brick, carbon brick, anti-acid grit and a variety of anti-acid resins.

T.H.I REVETEMENT has highly experienced teams and the high-performance equipment necessary for the application of these special anti-acid coatings.

T.H.I REVETEMENT maintains good business relations with manufacturers of anti-acid coating materials such as (TIP TOP, ABRIGAD, GARAY, etc.).

T.H.I REVETEMENT has a rich list of references for anti-acid coating work with Groupe Chimique Tunisien and other companies manufacturing aggressive chemical products.