Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Paint system and anti corrosion coating

Application of different paint systems and coatings for protection against various corrosion agents and this is by respecting the succession of layers for each system.
The choice of painting system is relative to the corrosion constraints to which the industrial installation is exposed such as:

  • Chemical constraint: humidity, chemical agent, salinity …
  • Physical constraint: thermal shock, solar radiation, electro-corrosion …
  • Mechanical constraint: abrasion, sandy wind, mechanical shock, etc …

T.H.I REVÊTEMENT has experienced technicians to study the constraints of which the exposed installation is to determine the adequate paint system for the protection of this installation for the most suitable duration.

Internal lining of hydrocarbon tank bottoms

Interior coatings for tank bottom are applied to prevent loss of thickness by internal corrosion or to avoid contamination of the stored product and above all to prevent loss of the stored bottom caused by leakage through the holes of the severely corroded bottom.

The choice of type of interior coating depends on the condition of the tank bottom, the level of thickness loss caused by corrosion, the age of the bottom.

T.H.I REVÊTEMENT has carried out several interior coating works on hydrocarbon storage tanks (crude, gasoline, fuel, diesel)

Special coatings

T.H.I REVÊTEMENT also makes other types of special coating such as:

  • Coating with GRP system in Epoxy and Polyurethane resins
  • Anti clogging coating with PVC plates
  • Anti-heat brick cladding.
  • Dielectric coating

Study of the impact of corrosion

Study of the impact of corrosion on industrial installations and determination of adequate protection systems through site visits and observations made by specialized technicians.

Sandblasting of industrial equipment

Surface preparation by Pneumatic stripping of surfaces for cleaning oxidized areas and stripping old paint coats.


Our company has all the necessary equipment for the different types of surface preparation with a very experienced and high qualified staff.

Shot blasting of storage tanks

Surface preparation and cleaning by shot blasting of storage tanks bottom to achieve ideal roughness and cleanliness for recoating using a special horizontal tank interior shot blaster with an action width of 52 cm.

Our company has all the necessary equipment for this Mechanical stripping of tank bottoms with a very experienced and high qualified staff.

Special anti-acid coatings

Protection of metal surfaces in direct contact with different types of acids (storage tanks, towers, …) by using materials with high chemical resistance such as butyl rubber, ebonite, anti-acid carbon brick and resins.


T.H.I REVÊTEMENT has the necessary teams and equipment for the application of these special coatings with good commercial relations with the suppliers of coating materials (TIPTOP, ABRIGAD, and GARAY)