Station Zarzis

Start of work


Delivery date


The intervention of T.H.I REVETEMENT consists in renewing the heat resistant protection system of the boilers and chimneys (500°C) of the two combustion turbines. 

The intervention of T.H.I REVETEMENT consists in carrying out a general stripping by sandblasting of all surfaces and applying a new painting system that resists corrosion in the presence of high temperature. 

For the boilers and the two chimneys, after total sandblasting, two coats of anti-corrosion paint are applied, which can withstand high temperatures (500°C). 

For equipment, after sandblasting, the first coat of anti-corrosion painting is applied, the primary coat of anti-corrosion paint is used to protect the bare surface after sandblasting. The painting system is further reinforced with an intermediate layer of anti-corrosion paint.

 The anti-corrosion painting system is finally closed with a coat of waterproof finishing paint. The complete system of sandblasting and anti-corrosion painting applied is able to resist chemical agents, mechanical stress and sunlight.