Bizerte refinery (STIR)



Start of work


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Shot blasting of the tank bottom

Preparation of the tank bottom surface by a dismountable shot blaster (52 cm) special for inside tank.
The 11S28 tank is a new tank which will benefit from a 2 mm coating on the bottom and 1 meter of the shell with a resin without CMR substances.

The different steps to prepare the shot blasting machine for work are:

1-    Arrival of the shot blaster on the tank side.
2- Dismantling of the shot blaster
3-    Introduction of the dismantled parts inside the tank.
4-    Mounting of the shot blaster inside the tank.
5-    Shot blaster ready to use
6-    During the work

The intervention of T.H.I REVETEMENT in shot blasting of the bottom of the tank 11S28 at the Bizerte refinery (STIR) TUNISIA, consists first of prepare all the surface of the bottom by shot blasting; it surface preparation of the bottom by shot blasting; is a surface treatment technique, the purpose of which is to expose the steel, improve the appearance of the surface, increase its roughness and guarantee perfect cleaning of the weld beads and deteriorated surfaces. 


The shot blasting machine is an equipment used to prepare, clean or polish any metal surface or concrete surface. Shot blasting, also known as abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting. Historically, shot blasting is not a relatively modern concept, the first shot blasting machine in the world was patented (US patent 108,408.) by Benjamin Chew Tilghman (1821–1901), an American soldier and inventor, on October 18, 1870.

Shot blasting is a technique in which a selected class of abrasive particles is used to remove material from a surface at a high speed (65 -110 m/s) corrosion rate.   It is the operation of forcing the abrasive stream to the surface under high pressure to smooth the rough surface, roughen the smooth surface, and shape or remove surface contaminants. A pressurized fluid (usually compressed air), or a centrifugal wheel is used to propel the blast material (commonly referred to as the medium).