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The equipment of the different factories of the Tunisian Chemical Group are subject to a highly corrosive environment given the nature of the products manufactured by the GCT (acids, fertilizers, etc.) and the nature of the environment (Marine, industrial) 

The intervention of T.H.I REVETEMENT consists of the cleaning of surfaces by sandblasting and shot-blasting of areas contaminated by corrosion and the renewal of protective coatings using different painting systems. 

The system begins with the sandblasting of the surfaces to apply the new anti-corrosion painting. 

Sandblasting is carried out by abrasive projection using compressed air, the degree of sandblasting to be achieved is SA 2.5, the purpose of sandblasting is to expose the steel, the sandblasting operation allows them to remove the rust, the old anti-corrosion painting and any foreign bodies. 

As soon as the sandblasting is finished, the first coat of anti-corrosion paint is applied; the primer coat of anti-corrosion painting is used to protect the bare surface after sandblasting

The painting system is further reinforced with an intermediate layer of anti-corrosion painting. The anti-corrosion painting system is finally closed with a coat of waterproof finishing paint. The complete system of sandblasting and anti-corrosion painting applied is able to resist chemical agents, mechanical stress and sunlight.