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février 13, 2022 Encyclopedia Reports

Industrial maintenance & Anti corrosion coatings

T.H.I. REVETEMENT has carried out several painting and Anti corrosion coatings services on various industrial facilities for petroleum, chemical or energy companies such as the petroleum refinery (tanks, piping), hydrocarbon storage warehouses (tanks...

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février 12, 2022 Ideas Insights Reports

Tank Lining, Anti-Corrosion Lining why is it required?

Crude oil storage – tank bottom rehabilitation What Does Tank Lining Mean?Anti-Corrosion lining or Anti-Corrosion coating designed to cure at low temperatures and is applied inside and outside a tank to provide the ultimate protection of the...

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novembre 24, 2020 Inspiration Reports

Global corrosion market development and growth prospects by 2023

The Indian Market Research Future firm published figures in January 2018 on the evolution of the corrosion market globally and growth prospects by 2023. The global anti-corrosion coating market is expected to experience significant growth of appro...