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Protective Coating of Crude Oil Storage Tanks

Recent Advances in Protective Coating of Crude Oil Storage Tanks – Conference: The 6th Libyan Corrosion Conference, Tripoli, Libya,– November2007, Pp 460-472.– Authors: Mohamed Abdelgawad Gebril , Farag Shuaeib– Source: res...

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Industrial maintenance & Anti corrosion coatings

T.H.I. REVETEMENT has carried out several painting and Anti corrosion coatings services on various industrial facilities for petroleum, chemical or energy companies such as the petroleum refinery (tanks, piping), hydrocarbon storage warehouses (tanks...

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Tank Lining, Anti-Corrosion Lining why is it required?

Crude oil storage – tank bottom rehabilitation What Does Tank Lining Mean?Anti-Corrosion lining or Anti-Corrosion coating designed to cure at low temperatures and is applied inside and outside a tank to provide the ultimate protection of the...

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Anti-corrosion Coating techniques

1- What is corrosion : Corrosion is defined as any chemical reaction that leads to the deterioration of the material. 2- Protecting a surface with an anti-corrosion coating A corrosion protection or anti-corrosion coating is an assoc...

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Shot blaster machine ( shot-blasting) for surface preparation

1- What is shot-blasting (or Grit blasting): A technique of blasting shot onto the surface of an object to change its surface structure. A surface treatment technique that aims to improve the appearance of the part.  Quite similar to sa...

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Anti corrosion company in Libya

Petroleum companies, commercial and oil ports and electric power installations represent a very important market resorting to anti-corrosion treatment companies in Libya. The anti-corrosion treatment companies operating in Libya must have all the ...

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Shot Blasting

Synonyms is a technique of blasting shot onto the surface of an object to change its surface structure. A surface treatment technique that aims to improve the appearance of the part.  Quite similar to done by blasting th...

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Abrasive blasting : Sandblasting

Sandblasting is an industrial technique for cleaning large surfaces using an abrasive sprayed at high speed with compressed air through a nozzle onto the surface to be pickled brasive blasting is a manual technique that allows a surface to be mech...

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Anti Corrosion Coating and Linings in Libya

1. Sector of Anti Corrosion Coatings and linings services in Libya  1.1 Industries that require anticorrosive coatings in Libya: oil sector  The oil sector in Libya represents the largest market using anticorrosive coatings and linings services...

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Transmission Tower Maintenance against corrosion (Arabic Version)

T.H.I REVETEMENT take the responsibility to maintain the transmission tower maintenance (High-voltage line towers). We carries out work of unwinding the cables of the 225 Kv and 400 Kv high voltage lines and changing the defective parts of the struct...

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Global corrosion market development and growth prospects by 2023

The Indian Market Research Future firm published figures in January 2018 on the evolution of the corrosion market globally and growth prospects by 2023. The global anti-corrosion coating market is expected to experience significant growth of appro...

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Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT): Losses of 160 MDT in 2019

The losses of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) are expected to reach 160 million dinars during the 2019 financial year. Announcement made on Wednesday, November 6 by the Director General of GCT, Abderrazek Ouanassi. These losses are generated by ...